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Natural Hoof Care

Natural Hoof Care improves a horse's lifestyle by regulating it's environment, diet, and exercise to stimulate the healthy growth of the hoof. Also, a natural trim of the hoof is performed in order to remove excessive growth. Read More…


The place where the horse spends it's time will highly impact the condition of the hoof. Horses require movement and their living condition should encourage them to move throughout the day.


The adage "You are what you eat" is also true for horses. They need to browse for their feed. So, instead of pasturing them all day like cows, their intake needs to be managed. Read More…


Wild horses move 20 miles or more a day. The more movement that we can give them, the healthier they and their hooves will be. Read More…


Routine trimming will keep the horse comfortable and the hoof healthy. Read More…

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